People That Understand the Massive Health Care Bill Join “Physicians Against Obama Care”

For those that watch FOX news or read the Wall Street Journal, it might be hard to not hear about the damages that the Obama Care health care bill unleashes. Not only does it worsen the budget deficit, but it hits the pocketbooks of the poverty-level Americans that will be forced to purchase health insurance or face fines and penalties. It places additional burdens on the medical field and limits fees that surgeons, medical specialists, anesthesiologists and others in the medical field can charge, discouraging some that want to go into this field.

The fact that it benefits the greedy insurance companies makes it the biggest slap in the face of all. Many people have heard about the salaries of management at AIG, who got government bailout money, while neurosurgeons, cardiologists and other medical specialists are limited in their annual salaries, which are FAR less. What politicians started to do was reform health insurance, but instead they passed the massive Obama Care health care reform bill that does anything but increase the number of policies they will sell and allows them to increase premiums to make up for those with pre-existing conditions.

For the conservative Americans and the medical professionals that understand the ramifications of this ill-conceived Obama Care health care bill, they know it is unconstitutional to force poor people to buy health insurance or be fined. In fact, there are many states that have their Attorney Generals working on the small print to overturn the bill on these grounds. Small businesses that face large penalties based on “per-employee” fines over health insurance will be forced to raise costs and the medical field will become over-burdened with the patient load that will have all kinds of patients scheduling appointments for preventive medicine appointments while those that need urgent care will be waiting in line for months, to get to their scheduled appointment time.

Those that are aware of what the Obama Care health care bill contains are already fighting to have the bill overturned. Not only has the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons already filed a lawsuit, but there are many surgeons and physicians, along with medical specialists and conservative Americans that want to join the fight. There are politicians that don’t agree with the Obama Care health care bill because it only passed the House by 4 votes, the majority which were Democrats and 34 Democrats didn’t even vote for it. Because Obama and Pelosi were in such a political rush to get the bill passed, politicians without backbones passed it so they could break for their upcoming holiday.

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